Welcome to the Northwest Iowa Professional Photographers Association


Thanks for your interest in joining…we’d be glad to have you as a member!

Our main goal is to learn and grow with each other in an environment of

openness and friendliness.

We are incorporated as a non-profit organization and have a wide variety of photographers, vendors and lab rep’s in the group.  We have brand new photographers as well as seasoned, and Master Photographers.  All of us are at different levels of experience.  We are successful because everyone comes with the attitude to learn and to contribute.  Our group is known for its camaraderie among members and for a willingness to help each other reach their full potential.  Our association has spawned many lifelong friendships.  With that attitude in mind, once you are a member you will have access to our website and be able to enjoy many free photography tips, advice, photoshop actions, brushes, styles, lightroom actions, etc. Also free downloads of  various photography documents such as wedding contracts, school contracts, employee non-compete agreements etc…  All of these things and much more is contributed from our members.  And that is without mentioning all the instant advice from our members who have more than 350 years of experience in photography!

We try to meet once a month throughout the year.  We usually try to meet on the 1st Monday of each month if possible.  The Executive Committee (your Officers and the past year’s President) get together in December or early January to schedule the next year’s activities.  We brainstorm on meeting topics and presenters and set dates for meetings.  Our meetings are usually held at different members’ studios.  So you will get to experience the atmosphere and workings of various real photography


Please call or message one of us if you have any questions.

We would love to have you in our group!

NWIPPA Executive Director 2015
Debbie Gaul-Rusch
Debbie’s Photography
1498 Nelson Park Road
Dow City, Iowa 51528

NWIPPA Vice President 2015 John Heyward Sky Island Photography Sioux City, Iowa 51103 skyislandphotography.com skyislandphoto@gmail.com

Secretary/Treasurer 2015

NWIPPA Secretary/Treasurer 2015 Jon Jamison PO Box 471 Perry, Iowa 50220 515-465-3257 jamisonstudios@gmail.com